Welcome to the micropayment liberation brought to you by TAPP (“Tapp And Privately Pay”)

We are in private beta moving to public beta launch on 31 March 2024!

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  1. Scroll down to the micro-paywall. TAPP the button!
  2. Create and load your wallet with as little a $1 in under a minute.
  3. Make a 25 cent micropayment to access the waitlist form
  4. Fill out the form and hit submit.
  5. Check your email for your micropayment receipt.
  6. Mark your calendar for 31 March.
  7. Access early preview news and our team will contact youi. Be a part of the group in the know.

More Revenue
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Lower Costs
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Higher Margins
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Verified Real-time Data
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Why micropayments now?

  • Access the long tail of unserved customers that want to pay as they go.
  • Real-time one-tapp micropayments for digital content and services.
  • Revolutionary new micropay experiences include turning any user interface element into a micropay experience and AI conversational checkout.
  • Critical services like digital healthcare and education become affordable and accessible
  • Pay as you go for sports, media, publishing, streaming, music, games and more
  • No logins, subscriptions, or sharing of identity or account data.
  • Earn more revenue.
  • Instant checkout reduces abandonment
  • Reduce cash cycle to seconds with instant distributions.
  • Remove payment and back-office costs.
  • Automated, portable, verifiable records.
  • Fast, simple, low code implementation

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